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Aprenda a trabajar con su mente enfocada, identificando sus metas de vida y llevando su vida de manera positiva hacia logros personales y profesionales.

El Life Coach es una técnica que ayuda a incrementar tus fortalezas, desarrollar todo tu potencial y guiarte hacia acciones que te lleven a tus metas. Life Coaching es un Coach de Vida, es una metodología que ayuda a definir tus metas de manera realista. El coach también ayuda al cliente a tener más conocimiento sobre sus habilidades y mejorar su capacidad para resolver sus propios problemas.

Life Coach

“Aprenda como trabajar con tu mente enfocada”

El coaching es un proceso voluntario, activo e interpersonal que tiene como objetivo desarrollar nuevas habilidades y mejores habilidades. El Life Coach es un profesional que orienta, entretiene y conduce de manera positiva y saludable al cliente respetando su forma y su cultura.

El Life Coach trabaja con el cliente para que pueda alcanzar sus metas, superar sus miedos y obstáculos para que pueda dirigir su vida como lo desee y lograr cambios valiosos.

Con preguntas puntuales, se trabaja los significados, actitudes y acciones de las personas de una forma instrospevtiva que le ayuda a organizar su vida. La base del coaching es la ontología, el estudio del ser.

Coaching trabaja con diferentes aspectos de su vida para motivar y desarrollar estrategias para realizar cambios importantes en la vida, incluidas decisiones importantes. El coach ayuda a cada persona a crear sus estrategias y tácticas para que cada persona construya su camino con libertad y fuerza de vida.

Coach es una metodología muy específica que se centra en los puntos que cada uno quiere resolver. Tienen una base teórica y pueden ayudar a personas con problemas en las relaciones, inseguridades, inquietudes, bloqueos en determinadas áreas.

El Life Coach es un trabajo muy bonito que viene a ayudar a muchas personas y familias.

Ana Paula Delvaux

Dentist, Porto Alegre, Brazil

It was a wonderful experience doing therapy with Dr. Padova. After dealing with many professionals I found Dra. Padova. With her, I easily managed to reveal my fears and that they were affecting my relationship with my husband and my daughters. It also gave me enough time to tell my problems, I felt safe to continue with my life and make important decisions. I am grateful for doing treatment with this great psychologist. She helped me change my life.

Sandra Peixoto

School Counseling, Porto Alegre, Brazil

I am an Educational Advisor at Colegio Farroupilha, Porto Alegre. I evaluate the need to refer students to psychological help with their families. Dr. Padova is an exceptional psychologist with extreme competence in treating difficult cases. She is extremely competent, ethical, and smart. She has an incredible ability to solve problems; the cases referred to him had positive results.

Filipe Antunes

International Agent, Irlanda

The psychological assistance provided by "Lu" for me and my family during a stressful period of my family reconciliation was really important. The treatment was important so that we could restore family harmony. She was very supportive of me during an important stage in my life. I have great affection for her because with her help I was able to understand and guide my life appropriately.

Lais Dias

Pediatrician, Porto Alegre, Brazil

I have a lot to thank Dra. Luciana for the person I am today, because when I began to consult with her, she was an insecure woman, with low self-esteem. With 4 years of therapy I changed my perception of life and today I am completely different. In a very professional way, I knew when and how to tackle problems, the right time to grieve the wounds that afflicted me. Even when I came to the consultation completely in silence or like a shield, trying to hide the pain I felt, there she was with the right words as if she was reading my soul. Unlike other types of therapy that she did that were monotonous, her sessions were dynamic, with different types of approaches that made me want to always go to the consultations and that she did not abandon the treatment. So it was until the day I was discharged, with my wounds healed by this exceptional psychologist.

Mary Jacques

School Counseling, Colegio Farroupilha, Brazil

I am a school counselor and she has been helping some of my students. Ms. Padova seeks to mediate the needs of the school, the child, and the family. Has the ability to integrate school expectations and help students and families; is always committed to professional ethics. She is kind and responsible, and students like to consult with her.

Luisa Antunes

Medical student, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Being Luciana's patient was wonderful. All the years that I shared with her were good. The techniques he used helped improve my relationship with my siblings, father, and mother. It was a time of many changes and in a very special way, it helped to overcome disagreements. Even today my family remembers what they did to get us back together. From activities that we developed together, to letters that we learned to write to my parents with content that we did not have the courage to reveal to them. It was good and different, today I know how important your help was to my family.

Orlando Bona

Advertising, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Luciana is a competent professional, who gives a lot of attention and is affectionate. She did a job with great results. Her knowledge and techniques led the family to achieve the proposed objectives, always valuing family, professional and personal relationships.

Giuliana Contaldo

Realtor, Porto Alegre, Brazil - Los Angeles

Luciana is an amazing therapist. I was her patient for about 3 years and she helped tremendously to overcome many obstacles. She is welcoming and direct at the same time. It's amazing the results she helped me achieve. Thank you Lu for being an exceptional person and professional.

Analy Soto

Singer, Lake Elsinore, CA USA

Hello, I am a professional singer of the best music of the times of ballads and boleros. I have awards in Ecuador and Venezuela entitled Latin Music Award and with music many radio stations. I met the great Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Luciana Padova who helped me face fears on stage. That was one of my obstacles to being able to give myself to the public. With your therapy, I overcome this fear and I can sing my music to my kind audience with confidence and with all my soul. Thanks, Luciana!

Javier Espinoza

Lake Elsinore, Music

Therapeutic hypnosis helped me reconcile with the nurturing within me and develop my self-confidence. I managed to direct my life by facing my fears and feeling older with myself.

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